Acne Causes


When thinking about acne, most people feel unsatisfied. This is not surprising as it is a problem that more than 80% of us have to face. You may have probably heard of the saying, “acne is your biggest enemy that pops up on your important day”. That’s why today we are going to talk about the different causes of acne and how it varies depending on the individual. Let’s get started! 

Acne Causes From Body Systems

As humans, we all have varying characteristics and body systems. In which, a number of them are actually contributing factors for developing acne. We can mainly break these causes down into the following: 

Skin Condition

It’s one of the first things that comes to our minds and is easily noticed. In general, those with oily skin (sebum) are more vulnerable to developing acne than those with dry skin. Also, those who have larger pores make it easier for dirt and bacteria to build up than those with smaller pores. This eventually leads to acne. 


Another possible contributor for acne is hormones. The rising levels of Androgen triggers the secretion of oil and excess oil under our skin. Indeed, the level of Androgen is higher in men than in women. In addition, testosterone is another hormone that causes acne and is also found more in men than women. The peak of testosterone in women is experienced during menstruation. 

Inheritance & the Genetics of Acne 

In many cases, acne comes with a strong family history. Some families may have a hereditary tendency for acne-prone skin that has been passed on. As a matter of fact, if the parents have oily skin or acne-prone skin, it is likely that the child will possess the same characteristics.


Acne Caused From Food

Yes, food. There are a number of foods that can lead to acne. This can be attributed to the chemicals contained in foods that trigger certain hormones or ingredients that can cause acne.  Let me tell you, these foods happen to be most of our favourites, such as: 


Both flour and sugar are contributing factors to acne. In fact, sugar accelerates the separation and thickening of the skin resulting in pores being with fats. This makes it easier for acne to develop. 


Milk and dairy products lead to inflamed acne. This is because the chemicals and hormones contained in milk stimulate black heads (open comedones) that can consequently lead to inflamed acne.   

Deep-Fried Foods

Deep-fried foods contain high amounts of fats. That is to say that the cooking process of these menus require large quantities of oil. Fats transform into excess fats when overconsumed and as a result acne with fats clogged under the skin form more easily. 


Both milk and sugar are key ingredients in chocolate. As we have mentioned earlier, these ingredients are contributing factors to acne and recurring inflammation. 


Whether it’s whiskey, beer, wine or any other alcoholic drink, our bodies quickly react by emitting alcohol out of our system. Due to the toxicity of alcohol, our body system responds by emitting the substance through urine. As a result of this reaction, the body becomes dehydrated and as a result the sebaceous glands have to produce more fats in order to balance the body. This body reaction is why acne occurs more easily when drinking alcohol.

Applying Unsuitable Treatments/ Products

Many of us have experienced some form of skin irritation from applying certain products that are not suited for our faces. Eventually, this can lead to allergic skin reactions resulting in the development of acne. Those with sensitive skin should especially be cautious when selecting skincare products and treatments. Hence, here’s a small tip – always check the label of your products and shop at reliable and certified stores. 

Acne Caused From Hair

Hair becomes oily when exposed to sunlight and heat. Another situation that can lead to acne is when hair falls and/or touches our face. As hair traps dirt, population, dust and odor in the air, it is often contaminated and uncleaned. On top of that, hair products such as gels and sprays can also lead to acne. It is definitely worth noting that we should always try to keep our hair clear or have it tied up when doing activities outside and/or in polluted places.


All of the above are major factors for acne. Some causes are easily overlooked as they are considered minor and often are not the first things that come to mind. Men and women can both experience acne. When you think about it, acne is mostly caused by dirt that gets clogged in pores, hormonal levels, body system reactions, environmental factors and applying unsuitable products for our skin and hair. With this in mind, we hope our readers are now more aware of the treatments and directions towards achieving acne-free skin. Isn’t that right?


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