Get Rid of Your Acne and Bring Back Your Beautiful Skin in 3 Easy Steps

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Skin Acne is a problem that keeps coming back for many people despite the efforts. That’s why today, Aqua+ Series will be sharing with everyone the secrets to getting rid of acne by Cleansing water and other product. The formula consists of 3 easy steps. It’s simple, it’s convenient and it comes with great results! If you can’t seem to treat your acne, follow these steps and we ensure that you will be waving goodbye to your acne before you know it.
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Skin Acne Causes

First thing first, before diving into the 3 Aqua+Series steps to treating acne, we must first take a look at the underlying causes. Here, we breakdown the main causes of acne into the following: 

Clogged pores

Clogged pores occur when population, dust, smoke, oil on the skin’s surface and traces of makeup accumulate. Often, clogged pores are considered to be an acne and inflammation causing culprit. In fact, they also lead to bacteria building up that can consequently result in acne. 

Large Pores 

Large pores not only holds you back from a clear skin complexion but it also leads to excessive oil production from the sebaceous glands. As a result, the skin becomes more oily and acne can easily develop. Pores can also become enlarged if you regularly scrub, squeeze, pick or scratch your acne. It’s also worth noting that not removing your makeup or cleaning your face before going to bed is another root cause of large pores. 

Excessive Sebum 

The sebaceous glands naturally secrete oil beneath the skin pores in order to coat and protect the skin from unwanted substances and outside environments such as population and dirt. However, in some cases sebum (oil produced by the skin) can become excessive. The overproduction can be due to hormones, dead skin cells that haven’t been properly removed or the lack of moisture on the skin’s surface. As a result, acne can form easily. 


Cleansing water in 3 Easy Steps to Getting Rid of Acne 

Step 1: Cleanse your face with Purifying Cleansing water

Everyday our skin is constantly exposed to harmful elements and substances such as pollution, dust, smoke, sun and dirt. Therefore, the first crucial step to treating acne is cleaning your face. Before applying a facial form, we recommend using the Purifying Cleansing water that has been specifically formulated Cleansing water to have gentle effects on the skin. The Purifying Cleansing water deeply cleanses the skin by clearing out impurities, reducing clogging and lessening the buildup of bacteria, all of which are contributing factors to acne. This step is essential to get your skin prepared and ready for deeper and quickler treatments. Once this step is completed, you can clean your face with facial form as normal after Cleansing water 

Cleansing water

Step 2: Adjusting the Skin Condition with Soothing-Purifying Toner   

Toner is another facial care product that helps reduce acne and treats acne through exfoliation and tightening the pores. The soothing-Purifying Toner is a toner that is delicate and helps eliminate dirt, exfoliate dead skin cells, reduce scars, dark spots and red marks that can occur from acne. Plus, it helps to tighten pores even more. As a result, the sebaceous glands secrete less oil and therefore the oiliness on the skin’s surface is controlled. Besides, the toner helps to freshen up and promotes the skin to glow as it reduces marks, scars and exfoliates skin cells.

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Step 3: Increase Skin’s Moisture with Clear Complexion Daily Moisturiser

Once the skin is clean and ready from Cleansing water , you should add moisture to the skin by applying Clear Complexion Daily Moisturiser. This moisturiser not only has a light texture but also helps to control your skin’s oiliness and restore your clear skin complexion by reducing acne marks and scars. The sebaceous glands secrete less oil and pores are not easily clogged when your skin is moisturized.

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Great news, the 3 simple steps to treating acne with great results by Aqua+Series also comes in a valuable set for everyone to say goodbye to acne problems. The Oily Skin Set is ideal for treating acne and oily skin. This set will moisturize and restore your beautiful skin. With this set you can expect to have a soft, smooth and naturally bright looking skin. Also, it is the perfect set for specifically treating acne. We assure you that you will have a beautiful and acne free skin that everyone will ask about.

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