Cleansing VS Cleanser – What are the Differences?

What is the difference between cleaner and cleansing

Ever wondered why when you talk to your friends about face cleaning, some suggest using Remover first before applying cleansers? 

In fact, many times when you go shopping for facial products, there are always different products for cleansings and cleansers to choose from.

If you are questioning this, you are not alone! We know some of you are wondering what the main differences are between these two products as they are also listed under the same category and function to help clean and freshen the skin.


Cleansing VS Cleanser

Cleansing VS Cleanser


Today, we are going to answer your top question.

That is, what are the differences between cleansings and cleansers, what are the different types and when should we be applying these products. Let’s jump right in!

What is Cleansing and remover?

Cleansing is a facial care product for removing makeup also known as a makeup remover.

Mainly, it’s function is to merely remove cosmetics and makeup. For those who apply makeup or sunscreen regularly, cleansing is recommended as the first step in order to wipe off the products before starting to wash your face.

This is because many cosmetics and sunscreen products are waterproof. Therefore, if you do not wipe your face thoroughly with Remover, dirt and cosmetic traces can build up and get clogged in pores causing acne as a result.


What is cleansing


What Are the Different Types of Cleansing?

There are many different types of Remover that you can go for depending on the characteristics of your skin such as:

  • Cleansing Milk: Suitable for Oily Skin

Due to its light and dry texture, this type of cleansing does not contain oil and therefore suitable for those with oily skin.

  • Cleansing Oil: Suitable for Dry Skin

It helps with moisturizing and is gentle on dry skin. However, cleansing oil is not recommended for those who have oily skin or are experiencing acne as it can lead to even more oily skin and acne to develop.

  • Cleansing Gel: Suitable for Sensitive Skin

Does not cause irritation or dryness to the skin. Although, keep in mind that due to its very light texture you may need to spend a little more time cleaning your face when using a cleansing gel.

  • Cleansing Water: Suitable for All Skin Types 

A water-based cleansing is very gentle on the skin and does not cause any irritation. A hero product because it’s perfect for all skin types.

When to Use Cleansings?

Remover your skin should be the first step in your beauty routine. As a matter of fact, it should be used even before you wash your face that is full of makeup. This means your face should still be dry as it makes it easy to wipe and remove impurities from the surface of your skin.

Our Recommend Cleansing: Purifying Cleansing Water

For those of you who are facing problems due to oily skin, sensitive skin or acne-prone skin, we recommend the Purifying Cleansing Water that is formulated by Aqua+Series.

This cleansing is ideal for all skin types as it is gentle and effectively removes traces of makeup including those that are waterproof. It works its magic by tightening the pores, relieving acne inflammation, reduces the buildup of bacteria that leads to acne and most importantly enhances your natural beauty.

What is Cleanser?

Cleanser is a facial care product that is to be used together with water to deep clean your face and pores.

It helps remove dirt, oil and impurities on your skin’s surface. Beyond this, it also rinses off the cleansing that has been previously applied to remove the makeup. 

A lot of people have come to know cleansers in other names such as facial forms, gels or soaps. Simply put, cleansers are the magical products that effectively washes off dirt and impurities from your face with water.



What Are the Different Types of Cleansers?

  • The formula for Oily Skin helps with controlling the oiliness and tightening of pores. 
  • The formula for dry skin helps moisturizes the skin
  • The formula for acne-prone or sensitive skin helps reduce inflammation and the development of acne. In fact, some formulas include properties to help whiten and radiant the skin as well.

When to Use Cleansers?

Cleansers are to be used once all makeup has been removed and washed off by the cleansing.

Before using the cleanser, make sure to wet your face with water in order to deeply clean and remove all dirt and impurities out of the skin’s surface. The final step is to wash your face off gently with clean water.

For those who do not wear makeup, you can go straight to using the cleanser without having to apply the Remover beforehand.

Our Recommended Cleanser: Aqua+ Series Skin Soothing Milky Wash

cleanser cleansing


This milky formula cleanser is great for all skin types. The formula helps to deep clean pores, eliminates excess oil, dirt and bacteria that can all cause acne.

As this milk formula is a very delicate skincare product, it does not cause irritation and helps to moisture the skin. As a result, it promotes skin hydration, revives the skin and reduces clogging and inflammation of acne. A total game-changer that helps make the skin radiant and healthy. 

Here’s the secret to remembering: Cleansing is to be used when your face is still dry while cleanser is to be used when your face is already wet.

So, how did you find all the information that we’ve shared on Remover and cleansers?

Stay tuned for more articles on beauty, benefits of Aqua+Series products, and ways to take care of your acne and beautiful skin here. 

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