What Causes Forehead Acne?


Your forehead is typically the area where acne is most likely to develop and therefore also the area where it is mostly likely to be found. It’s fair to say that your forehead is the most popular area for acne. However, do you know why we have forehead acne to begin with and what causes them? Let’s explore the answers together!

Forehead Acne

1. Allergies to Hair Products

The most common cause for forehead acne is allergies to hair products. This can happen with conditioners, shampoos or treatments because these products pass through and touch your face, especially your forehead as they are being washed off. In fact, these products have the closest contact with your forehead compared to any other kind of products. If you start to notice more acne developing not long after you have changed your hair product, it is recommended to change back or swap to a product that contains less chemicals and is more sensitive to the skin such as baby shampoos. Also, you can find products that have already been mixed with acne treatments. Keeping an eye out for these information on the packaging label is vital. It is best to observe which products are causing acne in order to prevent them from occurring.

2. Eating Overly Sweet Foods

Believe it or not, the sweet foods that you eat can lead to forehead acne. This is because sweet foods usually contain sugar, fats, milk and butter, all of which are ingredients contributing to forehead acne. Plus, sweet foods also slow down the process of curing forehead acne. With that being said, it is best to limit the amount of sweet and sugary foods you eat to prevent forehead acne from developing.

3. Avoid being in Hot Weather for a Long Time

Hot weather tends to stimulate the growth of acne. As a precaution, you should apply sunscreen every time you think you are going to be exposed to sunlight or perform activities in the sun for a prolonged period in order to avoid forehead acne.

ครีมกันแดด ไม่เหนียว

4. Forehead Sweat 

When doing activities or exercises, you may notice quite clearly that sweat drops down around your forehead, hairline and eyebrows. Both acne and clogged pores can occur when there is a buildup of sweat that is not washed out promptly.

5. Wearing Hats

A lot of people like wearing hats but many don’t realize that wearing hats is a risk factor. This is especially true when the hat is dirty as it is constantly in contact with your forehead. Irritation and acne can also occur in response to the humidity under the hat

6. The Habit to Brush your Hair with your Hands

Of course, hands can also carry bacteria and dirt. Therefore the habit of brushing your hair with your hands can be another leading factor for acne.

7. Sleeping Late

This is a common cause for forehead acne. It doesn’t matter if you sleep for more than 7 – 9 hours but still sleep after midnight because the body cannot release the necessary hormones for treating your face. This explains why those who sleep late usually develop forehead acne more easily.

8. Problems in the Digestive System 

Your forehead acne can be an indication that there is a problem in your digestive system. The best way to prevent this is to consume healthy foods that are easy to digest such as vegetables and fruits. Beyond this, you should refrain from eating at least 2 hours before going to bed in order for the digestive system to function properly. Hence, lessening the chances of developing forehead acne.

9. Pollutants in the Hair

Having long hair or a fringe is another contributing factor to forehead acne because it becomes more difficult to clean and treat the hair thoroughly. There is a likelihood that clogged pores and acne can develop when pollutants in the hair are in contact with the forehead.

10. The Cleanliness of your Bed

Many people forget to think that they can easily develop acne despite cleaning their faces and applying treatments. At the end of the day acne can occur from your pillowcase that you are sleeping on every night. Not cleaning your pillowcase on a regular basis makes it a place where bacteria can accumulate. Additionally, acne problems are more likely to occur for those who move around or like to place their face into the pillow when they sleep.


forehead acne conclusion

Having forehead acne may not seem like a big deal. Yet, if you leave it until the acne accumulates, it will only become more difficult to treat and heal the acne! We recommend speaking to a dermatologist or choosing products that have been specifically designed for those with acne, particularly the Aqua+ Series products that have all been clinically tested.


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