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What is Aqua+ Series product?

>Aqua+ Series is a premium range of skincare and cosmeceutical product lines. Aqua+ Series is made from high-quality ingredients and is Paraben free, Alcohol free and Perfume free. We currently range our Aqua+ Series product lines in Watsons and Euphoria.


Why have you perhaps not heard of our brand on advertisement or TV commercial?

>It is simple. It is our brand’s core policy is to provide a high-quality product at a reasonable price. Hence, we will regularly pass on discounts to you as our loyal customers. This strategy has helped Aqua+ Series to win Industry-Awards, and also voted and recommended by well-known media outlets such as OK, Cleo magazines และ Watsons for best skincare product in Thailand.


Are Aqua+ Series products suitable for Sensitive skin?

>Our skincare products have been developed specifically for sensitive skin and acne prone skin. However, if a customer does get an allergy or reaction after use, we will ensure this customer is looked after completely. Simply return your product to us within 30 days of purchase for a full 100% refund.


Are Aqua+ Series products suitable for Dry or Normal skin?

>Yes, for sure. For best results for dry or normal skin, we suggest to use every day and continued use.


Why is the sell price so high?

>Many years of research, development and testing have gone into our range that we are very proud of. Our items are the premium skincare lines in the Thailand market – our products are high quality as to treat skin problems and to nourish skin for better result.


Can I use Aqua+ Series products while pregnant?

>We always advise customers to consult with their doctor before use of all Aqua+ Series items.

> If you are concerned about possible allergies during your pregnancy – especially those who have existing allergy conditions – we strongly recommend these items – Aqua+ Series Skin Improvement Mask and  Aqua+ Series Skin Relief Milky Wash – as these items are for external use only.


Where are the Aqua+ Series items made or produced?

> All of our items are USA and Japanese formulas and produced here in Thailand. These formulas are produced using the best ingredients and formulas ideally suitable for Thai’s skin to nourish, revive and solve skin problems.


How long has Aqua+ Series been sold in Thailand?

>We launched our brand in 2013 and have been growing every year – we are regularly winning Industry Awards – with the beauty media awarding us for ‘Best Selling’ and ‘Best Quality’ skincare for our ranges.


What product do I use if I have oily skin on Tzone?

>We suggest to use this item – Skin Relief Milky Wash – as it’s milky texture transforms into a gentle lather to effectively reach into pores and clearing out dirt. This product can also be used during pregnancy as it is gentle for sensitive skin.


Will the Scrub Essence products cause fragile skin after use?

>Our best-selling Aqua+ Series Smoothing-Bright Soft Scrub Essence doesn’t cause your skin to be fragile as there is no scrub bead in the formula – hence, it will not irritate your skin. Rather, it will wipe clean all dead skin to prevent acne and general skin cleansing. Please note to avoid using this item on sensitive areas on your face, or areas where you have acne or inflammation.


Do you have any products that help to reduce wrinkles and cure eyebag?

>Yes, we sure do – the Aqua+ Series The Eye Treatment. This alcohol-free formula has a rich, ultra creamy texture that melts into your skin immediately. It will give you instant results, necessary hydration, and long-term anti-aging benefits for a smoother, brighter, and more youthful-looking appearance.


Can be apply Essence and Serum together?

>Yes, it can apply together as we advise you to apply skincare item that has clear texture or fast absorbing then apply creamy texture later.