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  1. What is Aqua+series:

Aqua Plus Series is an alternative way to treat acne. The brand specializes in providing solutions for Oily & Acne prone skin based on Nanotechnology.

It has been introduced to the market with goals in Mind:

Focus on fighting the dirt, oil and pollution that become trapped in the pores of the skin to cause acne.

Efficiently removes excess oil and clear clogged pores without damaging the skin.

Designed to prevent, heal breakout time and even skin tone.

Using state-of-the-art technologies targeting to combat acne while soothing skin.


Why Should You Trust Aqua+ Series?

Supported by passion, dedication and expertise in Skin Care & Cosmetics, Aqua+ Series is the one brand that delivers a “Dermo-Cosmetic Approach”


Our Formula & State of the Art ingredients has both clinical proof of Performance & Skin tolerability! And it is with Pride that we promote our double guarantee on Dermatologically & Hypoallergenic Tested.


 Aqua+ Series has been rewarded over years by Dozens of Skin Care & Cosmetic Awards over South East Asia by renowned Magazine and Health & Beauty Players

How does Aqua+ Series products work?

Aqua+ Series is a trusted skin-care brand that offers an incredible variety of targeted products. In addition to providing acne-care and prevention products, it acts efficiently to soften skin and prevent scarring from repeated breakouts.

Aqua+ Series prides itself on using the perfect balance of scientific technology and natural ingredients to best deal with acne by concerning on following:

  1. Exfoliation: remove dead skin cells and keep pores clear
  2. Pore cleanser: helping to remove impurities and dirt including skin dead cells from clogged pores.
  3. Anti-bacterial ingredients: removes bacteria and stops the infection before it begins.
  4. Manage excess oil: slow down the oil production that can lead to bacterial growth.
  5. Anti-inflammatory: works on the skin to soothe the pain, swelling and redness.
  6. Gentle formula: gentle, less harsh treatment that won’t irritate your skin


If you need Help defining Which Products Series is right for Your Skin & need? Feel free to contact our Skin Expert on Line and Enjoy Exclusive Advice & discounts